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About The Sound Archive

The Sound Archive was started way, way back in the day when everyone assigned cute little wav files to every function on your Windows PC. Logon to the computer, there was a sound for that. Delete something, there was a sound for that. Get an error, there was a sound for that. Oh and get an email, “You’ve Got Mail!” Well every time I changed out computers or reformatted one (fellow IT guys appreciate these), I had to go hunt around the web for those sounds again. To solve that problem, I created a hidden little archive on my own slice of the interwebs. It wasn’t too long until the Googlebots found my little archive and started indexing it. Low and behold other people liked putting stupid sound files to things on their computers as well… and The Sound Archive was created.

Now we just like to focus on things that make us laugh. We hope you enjoy the sound files we've archived. If you have suggestions about movies or TV shows to add, please let us know.

have a laugh at the sound archive

As always, it is important to note that these sound files are meant to be used for entertainment purposes and retain their original copyrights.