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Sounds from Monty Python's - Holy Grail

The British television sketch comedy show, Monty Python premiered in 1969 on the BBC. After 45 television episodes, Monty Python began creating movies including Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python's Life of Brian and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Please enjoy a few sound wav files I have provided below from the shows and movies.

01 | Theme from Holy Grail (4k)
02 | "...Must answer me these question three..." (101k)
03 | "I'm your King..." (29k)
04 | "You're a looney!" (10k)
05 | "Well, she turned me into a Newt..." (98k)
06 | "We are the knights who say..." (37k)
07 | "I'll wave my private parts at..." (85k)
08 | "Help! Help! I'm being repressed." (22k)
09 | "I'll bite your legs off" (18k)
10 | "What are you going to do, Bleed on me?" (17k)
11 | "I'm not dead..." (33k)
12 | "I fart in your general direction." (32k)
13 | "I'm french,..." (59k)
14 | "No, it's too perilous." (114k)
15 | "I bet your gay." (22k)
16 | "Your mother is a hamster..." (57k)
17 | "I feel happy!" (29k)
18 | "Must be a king..." (66k)
19 | "Runaway! (32k)
20 | "You silly sod." (19k)
21 | "...Watery tart..." (65k)
22 | "...I'll taunt you a second time." (40k)
23 | "...wipers of other people's bottoms." (39k)
24 | "It's just a flesh wound." (63k)
25 | "Spam, spam, spam..." (32k)
26 | "I'll have your spam..." (16k)
27 | "...without spam in it." (8k)
28 | "I don't want any spam." (6k)
29 | "I don't like spam!" (5k)
30 | "I don't like spam!!!" (6k)

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