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Sounds from Beavis and Butthead

beavis - I am Cornholio

Beavis and Butthead are an irreverent duo suffering through life in the 1990’s. The TV series, created by MTV, follows the two rockers who are not the sharpest tools in the shed but for some reason we couldn’t stop watching them.

  1. "What in the hell..." (15k)
  2. "This is the coolest thing..." (17k)
  3. "I poop too much!" (9k)
  4. "Trick or Treat..." (15k)
  5. Beavis Raps (24k)
  6. "It doesn't get any better than this, dude." (5k)
  7. "Bungholio, bungholio." (4k)
  8. Burrito (5k)
  9. "I am Cornholio..." (13k)
  10. "...I want all of your crappochinno.." (28k)
  11. "Damn it, this alway happens." (8k)
  12. Beavis laughes (9k)
  13. "You sat on it, Lardbutt." (4k)
  14. "We'd all like to go home..." (37k)
  15. "Ahh, my liver..." (20k)
  16. "Yes, Mister President..." (12k)
  17. "I am Cornholio 2..." (60k)
  18. "Hey, my butt itches..." (10k)
  19. "I am Cornholio 3..." (13k)
  20. "Don't make me smack you." (4k)
  21. "Damn, we're smooth." (3k)
  22. "Damn it, damn it, SOB..." (19k)
  23. "This sucks more than..." (9k)
  24. "You must give me your TP..." (15k)
  25. "Wussy!" (3k)
  26. "Sniff, sniff,...You stink!" (6k)